JumpstART at Gleneagle Secondary is a thematic program integrating Humanities (English 9 & Social Studies 9) and the Fine Arts where students are given the chance to think outside, inside, and around the box.


Are you a student who:

is interested in big ideas like freedom, identity, and independence?

wants to find connections between English, Social Studies, and Visual Arts?

is always drawing, doodling, and thinking visually?

is looking to express your learning in a variety of ways?

contributes to group projects and discussions?

A JumpstART student has a desire to:

think and learning visually and in metaphors/symbols.

see connections between English, Social Studies and Visual Arts.

learn through big ideas/themes.

be part of a community of learners.

ask questions to seek understanding into the human condition.

explore and make a difference in social justice actions.